IRS Refund Options

Via IRS direct deposit (7 to 20 business days)
With the IRS Direct Deposit option, you can receive your refund directly from the IRS via direct deposit to your personal bank account in 7-20 days. The IRS Direct Deposit option is free when you select the credit card payment method to file your tax return.

Via IRS check (4 to 7 weeks)
If you do not have a bank account or don´t wish to give out your bank information, don't worry! You can have your IRS refund check mailed directly to you in 4-7 weeks.

Electronic Refund Deposit (ERD)

Via direct deposit (7 to 14 business days)
A Electronic Refund Deposit will allow you to receive your refund minus fees within 7-14 business days after you have filed your tax return. The balance of your refund will be disbursed to you via direct deposit to your personal bank account. This service will be available next tax season.

Note: Bank fee is an addition to the tax preparation fee.

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