Federal Tax Products

Federal Tax Return
  • Deluxe Deal     ......$9.99*
  • Premium Deal   ......$29.99
Unlimited & free form W-2, 1099G, 1099R and Others can be entered; If you require form Sch A, Sch C, Sch D, Sch E, Sch EIC, Sch SE, 2441, 3903, 8812, 8863 each form will be an additional $10. There's also an additional fee for electronically filing your tax return.

State Tax Return
                                        State Return    .......$35

We allow you the privilege to file your state return without filing your federal return.
(File up to 3 separate states)

IRS Refund Options

When you select the credit card payment method you will receive your refund directly from the IRS. Since your return is electronically filed, your refund arrives in just 7-20 days through direct deposit into your bank account. The check option may take 4-7 weeks.

Electronic Refund Deposit

All fees are deducted from the refund and the balance of the refund is disbursed to you in 7-14 business days via check or direct deposit to your personal bank account. Our preparation fee will be $29.99 and the bank charges a processing fee of $30. This service will be available next tax season.

*Federal Return starts at $9.99 if taxpayer is blind, 65 or older, or only source of income is unemployment; Promotion Code: "DeluxePack".
Note: -Once you've submitted your order, a refund will not be issued. If you have any questions regarding our tax products, please email us before you place an order.

Extra Services

Audit Assistance........$29.99
Put your mind at ease, in the unfortunate situation were you are chosen for an audit, we will offer you our professional audit services.

L/T Safeguard.............$14.99
We guarantee that for 3 yrs your tax information will be safe with us for as long as IRS requires you to hold your tax return.

Bound File Copy..........$19.99
We will send you a professional bound file copy of your tax return with in 2 weeks after the IRS approves your return.

Pro Review..................$19.99
One of our professionals will review your federal tax return for errors such as duplicate entries or missing entries that may result in a delay or incorrect refund. We will also allow updates to your return and will address any questions you may have.